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Looking to Upgrade your Procreate Brush Toolkit?

When I started my journey using Procreate, I struggled to find my style with the default brushes. However, nothing on the market completely suited my needs. I started building my own collection of pen and pencil like brushes, and from there I just kept expanding!
If you are searching for affordable and free Procreate brush packs that will instantly level up your digital masterpieces, you are in the right place. Inkblot Studios has a wide variety of brushes fit for every artist and every style.

Just Starting your Journey?

Try my FREE Procreate brush pack, packed with 16 downloadable brushes great for simple sketching, lineart, and shading!

Looking for the Whole Package?

Purchase my full suite illustration brush pack for just $19.99 USD and receive a whopping 128 downloadable brushes for all your artistic needs!

Expressive Brushes

Offering a wide range of brush styles for unique and dynamic Procreate pieces

Time-Saving Brushes

Quickly and efficiently streamlines the digital creation process with stamp and texture brushes

Sketching Brushes

Specialized custom brushes help you bring your creative visions to life with the authentic pencil feel

Download some FREE
brush packs to get started!