FREE Pen Pack



Create expressive sketches and clean lineart with this FREE bundle of 16 Procreate Pen Brushes!

This free brush pack contains 16 essential lining brushes to help you with every stage of the process: sketching, inking, shading, and even some stylistic typography. These brushes mimic real life artist tools from chisel-tipped markers to hard and soft graphite. I use these brushes everyday for my sketches especially.

Use this brushpack to make the lineart process as painless as possible. Whether you like to use thick markers or thin pens, round tips or chisel tips, or if you just prefer the pencil look–there’s a brush in this pack that will work for you. Have fun and experiment!

What’s Included:

  • Marker Brushes – 7 hefty brushes with the look and feel of a hard marker. Includes 2 outline brushes for creative typography
  • Graphite Brushes – 5 textured brushes that mimic everything graphite: pencils, smudging, and even an edge brush to assist with realistic pencil shading
  • Fine Liner Brushes – 4 precise brushes for the lineart stage of your art piece. Includes 1 liner brush for straight lines

Tag me @inkblottr on Instagram, I would love to see what you create with these brushes!


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