FREE Shader Brush Pack


Shade and highlight your artwork like a pro with this FREE bundle of 12 basic Procreate soft shader brushes!

This free brush pack has 12 handy soft brushes that help you render your artwork while you draw. Each brush has a specific blend mode applied (Overlay, Multiply, etc.) to create different blending effects. This eliminates the need to continuously toggle between separate blend mode layers. Add shadows and highlights all on the same layer to create dynamic 3D effects with ease.

While the brushes may be basic at first glance, they can create beautiful results with very little effort. The brushes react to everything already on your canvas, so you can touch up your art as you work. Use the wider area soft brushes to enhance color, saturation, and highlights. Then, use the edge brushes to create shadows and highlights on a smaller more precise scale.

What’s Included:

  • Soft Brushes – 8 gentle brushes with blurred edges for a smooth experience. Contains a base Normal brush and duplicate brushes for Overlay, Multiply, Add, Hue, Saturation, Lighten, and Color blend modes.
  • Edge Brushes – 4 multipurpose edge brushes. The edge brush has a soft edge and a hard edge for rendering right up to the line. Contains a base Normal brush and duplicate brushes for Overlay, Multiply, and Add blend modes.

Tag me @inkblottr on Instagram, I would love to see what you create with these brushes!



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