Nature Brush Pack


Bring your scenery pieces to life with ease with this bundle of 56 Procreate Nature Brushes!

This brush pack contains 56 nature-themed brushes to assist with all your painting needs! Each brush is shaped and stylized for various organic themes that will save you time when you are painting nature. So if you are tired of drawing each leaf and blade of grass by hand, this will be a highly useful toolkit. I have been perfecting these brushes for years, and I use them on a daily basis for my own art.

Create stunning natural effects in a fraction of the time it would take to draw your backgrounds by hand. These brushes are adaptable for your needs and are easy to use. Have fun and experiment!

What’s Included:

  • Sky Brushes – 5 elegant brushes for painting clouds and starry skies
  • Grass Brushes – 7 indispensable brushes for creating grassy or mossy backdrops in seconds
  • Rock Brushes – 2 time-saving brushes that can shade your stone structures as you paint based on the pressure applied
  • Flower Brushes – 3 pretty flower brushes sure to add a splash of color to your scenery
  • Wood Brushes – 12 stylistic brushes to build a tree from scratch– starting from trunk, texture, branches, all the way to the hanging vines
  • Leafy Brushes – 16 essential brushes for leaves of all shapes, sizes, and patterns
  • Scenery Stamp Brushes – 11 handy stamp brushes when you need to fill out a background quickly with trees, shrubs, and much more!

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