Painting Brush Pack


Bring a taste of traditional art techniques into your digital masterpieces with this bundle of 42 Procreate Paint Brushes!

This brush pack contains 42 carefully tailored paint brushes built to simulate the real experience of painting. The pack includes a variety of brush shapes, brush textures, wet mixing, and much more. I started out as a fine arts student, so these specialty brushes are my way of getting back to my roots. If you’ve ever wished for a better painting/blending experience when using Procreate, this might just be for you!

Just like a real painting, build your piece in layers using the arsenal of brushes at your disposal. Whether you like wet brush blending or dry brush texturing, this brushpack has a bit of everything. Have fun and experiment!

What’s Included:

  • Strand Brushes – 4 streaky brushes with hair-like texture, indispensable for painting portraits
  • Pure Paint – 6 elaborate brushes designed to match a variety of paint types: wet, dry, thin, etc. The paints all have a unique wet mix effects which will manifest differently on your canvas
  • Glow Brushes – 2 illuminating brushes for those bright finishing touches
  • Canvas Brushes – 4 grooved surface brushes to bring a hint of canvas texture to your painting
  • Mixed Brushes – 20 assorted brushes that take inspiration from a myriad of real life paint brush styles, effects and shapes
  • Sponge Brushes – 6 fluffy sponge brushes that can be used to smudge and blend for excellent results

Tag me @inkblottr on Instagram, I would love to see what you create with these brushes!


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