Polygon Brush Pack


Create eye-catching works of art with this bundle of 30 Procreate Polygon Brushes!

This brush pack contains 30 geometry-inspired brushes to assist with all your painting needs! These brushes can be used to quickly and effectively block out shapes and structures, or to merely add unique textures to your artwork. I rely on these to mix in shapes and angles to my artwork to give a stylistic finish.

Use geometric shapes to build interesting environments with minimal effort. Sometimes it just takes a few simple shapes or a sharp edge here and there to achieve a captivating end product. Have fun and experiment!

What’s Included:

  • Matte Polygon Brushes – 10 fun brushes based off simple shapes and patterns
  • Texturized Polygon Brushes – 9 attractive shape-based brushes with unique texturing & effects
  • Liner Polygon Brushes – 11 streamlined brushes with unique stroke patterns

Tag me @inkblottr on Instagram, I would love to see what you create with these brushes!


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